The beginning: the sailors used to the pool game decided to take with them to the sea their favourite game. It would be ok if the pool table wouldn’t be so big and clumsy. The clever sailors didn’t lose their heads and made a quadratic table 1 metre x 1 metre. As it turned out later, the size of pool table was not the only pool-related problem on the ship. The billiard balls were rolling on the table even during the still weather, so it was diffucult to prove whether the ball was hit or rolling itself. The sailors had nothing to do but cut the balls both sides and play with such discs (pucks). So this game got the name of sea pool game.

Mini novus became famous in Latvia and Estonia as table game in early 1920-ies. In Estonia, slightly changed, the game got its name koroona. The game is well-known and still gaining more popularity. In 1963, the first novus federation was established in Latvia.