Mini novus

CE certificate allows to play Mini novus safely at both pre-school and primary school institutions.

The set contains: Mini novus table made of high quality birch, legs, set of pucks, cue, “Slidenovus” wax, Rules of the Mini novus game.

Producer’s warranty – 2 years.

Mini novus – it is an exciting game for fun and active recreation for the whole family that can be played any season either indoors or outdoors!

Mini novus table size (each side border edge) is 75 cm, table weight is 4,5 kg, all the corners and sides are rounded to respect the safety rules. The rules of Mini novus differ from the rules of the standard novuss game only in putting 6 pucks (also known as discs, rings) at the board edge, not 8 pucks. The most important advantage is usage of patented products (based on natural bee wax) for better sliding instead of classic boric acid (normally generates dust and is dangerous for children’s health).

Children themselves or together with parents, either two players or four players in pairs, can play Mini novus. The set is very compact for storing at home. Chidren without any assistance of parents can easily put up the set at home or in the yard. The set is easily transportable in luggage space of any car and it can be safely taken out to the nature. Mini novus develops focus, patience, attention, precision, communication skills, and strenghtens team spirit.

Mini novus - incredible alternative for spending time at PC and TV!