Mini Novuss Game Rules

Note: The player under 7 years of age, based on mutual agreement of the players, can be allowed to hit his/her dark pucks with a direct strike, dark centre puck – from his/her stroke zone, but the dark puckk in his/her stroke zone – directly from the opponent’s zone

Single-game (players 1 + 1)

Each player takes their place at the opposite side of the table. Six (6) one colour pucks (also known as discs, rings) are placed in a continous row, touching each other and the board edge, three (3) pucks on either side of the centre line (picture 1). The task of the player is to pocket all of the 6 pucks on the opposite side first.

Double-game (players 2 + 2)

The game is played in pairs. The players of one pair take their place at the opposite sides of the table. Each player tries to pocket own and partner’s pucks. The pair which pockets all 12 their colour pucks the first is the winner (picture 5). The next player has the right of the strike in a clockwise direction .


Players agree who will get the first move. Before making the strike the player, who has the right of the first move, places the striker (also known as shooting ring) in any place of his/her table zone, this zone being marked by side and end lines, and these lines can be seen in the hole of the striker. The strike is done by hitting the puck with the cue stick (picture 1). A strike is considered completed if the cue stick (also cue) has touched the striker. After a successful strike, when one or more pucks dropped into the pocket and no rules were braken, the same player takes the next turn.

Download mini novuss rules