Table polish

How to use “SlideNovus”: apply a thin micro spreading of “SlideNovus” on five spots of the novus table – in the centre and in the middle of each corner of the table. Then rub evenly the surface of the table with a wool cloth to reach the required sliding qualities. After 2-3 minutes the game can be started. The mean can be applied again after each 10-14 sets.

We have developed a special ecologically clean mean “SlideNovus” with perfect anti-slip characteristics produced of natural bee wax. “SlideNovus” ensures perfect sliding equal to boric acid effect. This mean has passed many tests, awarded the required CE certification and the patent registered at the Latvian Patent Office. Furthermore, “SlideNovus” has positive appraisal of Latvian Novuss Federation, who has recommended this mean for use in all the places where novuss gamers play.

When playing novuss with traditional boric acid, a cloud of boric acid dust may appear. Boric acid may also deeply settle in the floor gaps and other places difficult to reach for cleaning. Children may lick boric acid from fingers. Distribution of boric acid through retailers is forbidden in Latvia since 2008 as boric acid is dangerous for health in both Latvia and European countries.

The major advantage of “SlideNovus” is health-safety, so it provides good possibilities for wide playing mini novuss at home, in the kindergartens, at school, youth centres and other public places.